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Business Growth

Hudson Martin Witten DeMaria & Knudtson PC can help your business resolve the issues specific to its level of growth and help you position your business for future growth.

Formation to Small Company

Hudson Martin Witten DeMaria & Knudtson PC has nearly four decades of experience in counseling entrepreneurs in the choice of organizational vehicle from the well-driven C Corporation to the newer LLC models and all entity forms in between. We take the team approach very seriously and work closely with the client and other essential team members such as the accountant. We have learned the importance of set up issues, shareholder agreements, and attention to securities issues. Relationships with employees are often critical at this stage and so is the control of your intellectual property (IP). Our flat fee and non-traditional fee arrangements insure that you can get on the road quickly with the right vehicle and the essential transactional events and relationships at a cost you can afford.

Our close affiliation with local financial institutions assists our clients in identifying access to funding sources that support local entrepreneurs.

The network of affiliate relationships that we have cultivated and put into play also helps to insure that all of your business needs will be addressed and resolved by experienced professionals.

Continued Growth

Once you have made it, how do you get to the next level? Your company is profitable but you want to see marketing and production ramp up or perhaps key employees are being courted by competitors and other strategic decisions require immediate attention. Hudson Martin Witten DeMaria & Knudtson PC can help you to refocus your company's vision. We can structure options and other employee retention and incentive devices. Hudson Martin Witten DeMaria & Knudtson PC can assist in carefully structuring the exploitation of your IP to realize its full potential, security and profitability.


Liquidity events require the correct approach, planning, structure and execution as they can get complicated quickly without guidance and advice from an attorney with experience. Hudson Martin Witten DeMaria & Knudtson PC's background in this area can make your liquidity event a positive and rewarding occasion.

  • Securities Law - Our securities experience can help to expedite the regulatory compliance and securities filings that may need to be made.
  • Tax Law - Tax strategy will often drive liquidity events from both sides and our experience in this area will help craft a transaction that will maximize the favorable tax attributes.
  • Wealth Management - Practical personal concerns can also play a role during a liquidity event. We are committed to understanding the personal issues that affect you and help you realize your goals.
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